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Natures Grilling Hardwood Briquets, 100% Natural

Gourmet. Enjoy grilling the natural way! Less ash! (Easier clean-up). Experience the gourmet advantage of Nature's Grilling 100% Natural Charcoal Briquets. Superb flavor & aroma! - Nature's Grilling 100% natural briquets consistently impart a delicate hardwood flavor into all of your grilled foods. Burns longer, hotter, and leaves less ash than the leading brand! Confirmed by independent testing comparing Nature's Grilling 100% natural briquets to the leading band. Superior to traditional briquets! - Nature's Grilling 100% natural briquets do not contain any coal, chemicals, or other fillers, resulting in a more consistent burn without excessive smoke or objectionable fumes or smells. Product of Mexico.