Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a shortage of some items. The items on our website are NOT a true representation of the items in the store, and we will be communicating that information the best we can.

Little Secrets Chocolate Candies, Premium, Dark Chocolate

64% cocoa content. Rich & creamy. The rumors are true. No artificial anything. You know that time you went on that weird camping trip with your neighbor and could have sworn you saw Bigfoot roasting some marshmallows and hot dogs? This is just like that. Crunch through the candy shell to find rich dark chocolate inside. A little surprising and a lot mysterious, these bites are a secret too good not to share. To Legit to Quit: No artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors. No corn syrup. No diggity, no doubt. Our Promise: We're into sustainability, social responsibility, using the best ingredients, and wearing sweatpants after 7 pm. For more info, visit sharelittlesecrets.com. Got a secret for us? We, well, we understand. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (Hashtag)sharelittlesecrets. Sharing optional.