Fizzy Lizzy 100% Natural Yakima Grape - 4 PK

Fizzy Lizzy 100% Natural Yakima Grape. 53% juice + 47% fizzy water. No added sugars. Award winning. In fizziness since 2000. From the vineyards of Washington's Yakima Valley, our grape tastes so authentic you'll wonder where the seeds are! 2007 winner of the Sofi silver medal for "outstanding product line" from the national association for the specialty food trade. 800-203-9336. Please recycle. Check out all our yummy flavors at TFLCHS a history: True story. Fizzy Lizzy was born on a bike ride. One day back in 1995, Liz (yes, there is a "Lizzy") was riding her bike. As usual, she had a carton of grape-fruit juice and a bottle of sparkling water in her backpack. You see, it was her habit to mix juice and seltzer and the only way to get that combination was to make it yourself. So she got off her bike, started mixing and had her "aha" moment. The next thing you know Liz is running a little company out of her fifth floor man-hattan walk-up, pounding the pavement and evangelizing (to anyone who would listen) about the virtues of juice and sparkling water without the usual added sugars, gums, or other junk. A new religion is born: The Fizzy Lizzy Church of Healthy Soda (TFLCHS for short). Try Fizzy Lizzy. We think you'll join up. Whether you're into our Cranberry or our Pineapple, all are welcome. TFLCHS has a big tent. 53% juice + 47% fizzy water. **All sugars from fruit juice.