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Shower to Shower Refreshing Body Wash, Blossom Fresh with a Blend of Fruits

Moisture-rich gel instantly changes into a rich, creamy cleansing lather. 75+uses. Turn your shower into a wonderfully revitalizing and refreshing cleansing experience with Shower to Shower Refreshing Body Wash. It only takes a small amount of this concentrated, moisture-rich gel to clean and condition your entire body. That's because this gel contains moisturizers and instantly transforms into mounds of creamy, lavish lather as you cleanse. At the same time, the crisp, aromatic fragrances work to invigorate your senses for a truly refreshing experience. The result is clean, conditioned, velvety-soft skin. You'll feel invigorated and energized to start your day. Rustproof on all shower and bath surfaces. Contains no CFCs.