Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing a shortage of some items. The items on our website are NOT a true representation of the items in the store, and we will be communicating that information the best we can.

Rudis Hamburger Buns, Multigrain

Soy free. Dairy free. Certified gluten free. Gluten-free bakery. Gluten-free, goodness loaded. Baked on the bright side. We've been baking on the bright side since 1976 - so we knew we could make gluten-free buns taste just like the real thing. We used a little gluten-free flour power to make buns with a light, soft texture like the buns you've been missing. No more eating burgers on that crumbly bun or lettuce wrap. So, get grillin'! Know what's in your dough. All-natural. Keep frozen. Made from fluffy light ingredients. No junk! Made in the USA.