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Pen Kera Rich Therapeutic Creme, Fragrance-Free

Moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. Non-greasy. Dermatologist-recommended. If you've tried product after product for your dry or sensitive skin, it's time for Pen-Kera. Penetrates the skin's keratin layer. Provides natural moisturizing ingredients. Protects by locking in moisture. Dye-free. Lanolin-free. Pen-Kera restores your skin's natural ability to hold moisture by bonding with tissue, soothing and nourishing dry, flaky skin. Pen-Kera won't clog pores, is gentle to sensitive skin, and is non-greasy, can be used under make-up and sunscreens. Pen-Kera Creme may be used for face and total body care. Manufactured in U.S.A.