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Maya Kaimal Chickpea Chips, Sweet Chili

Crispy chickpea and rice snacks. Gluten free. Certified gluten-free. Look for our other great products. www.mayakaimal.com. The chickpea is a champion! Chickpeas are loaded with protein, fiber and flavor. My Chickpea Chips combine this glorious bean with rice and sesame seeds, much like the South Indian snack murukku. Their savory goodness comes from the Asian spice asafetida. You'll keep reaching for more of these addictively crispy chips. As the British like to say, they're more-ish! - Maya Kaimal, Cookbook author. Our Sweet Chili chip captures the perfect Asian balance of sugar, red chili and mellow sauteed garlic. Try our other flavors. Vegan. 0 g trans fat. Made in USA.