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Johnsons First Aid Advanced Care Rolled Gauze, 3-Inch, Water Resistant

3.0 inch x 4.1 yds stretched. Hypoallergenic. Latex free. Sticks to itself, not to skin. Johnson & Johnson Water Resistant Rolled Gauze provides water resistant protection that holds your dressings firmly in place without first aid tape. Water Resistant: Rolled Gauze has a coating which makes it water resistant to better protect your injury and reduce the need for frequent bandage changing. Self-Securing: This unique Rolled Gauze is easy to use because it is designed to stick to itself - allowing you to secure a gauze pad without having to bother with first aid tape. Although Rolled Gauze sticks to itself, it does not stick to skin or hair so it won't hurt when you take it off, or leave a sticky residue. Conform to Body: This elastic material conforms easily to hard to bandage areas and will move with you - so it will hold a gauze pad in place more securely and more comfortably than ordinary rolled gauze.