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Gomacro Macrotreats, Macro Original, Chocolate & Coconut

Excellent source of whole grains. High in fiber. Macrobiotic grain sweetened. What is Macrobiotics? A philosophy that promotes living in balance with one's natural environment. A way of optimizing vitality and strengthening the immune system. A diet emphasizing whole grains. Healthy slow burning carbs. No refined sugars or flours. No dairy or eggs. No hydrogenated oil. No additives or preservatives. The saturated fat is primarily derived from the coconut, which contains medium chain fatty acids that do not raise cholesterol and do not contribute to heart disease. Coconut is a good source of iron and selenium which has been shown to be effective in preventing cancer. I decided to go macrobiotic in 2003 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I had heard a little about macrobiotics and how it could possibly strengthen my immune system. I figured I'd give it a try. What I quickly experienced was a restoration of balance throughout my entire life - not to mention a battle won over cancer. I was convinced that my triumph was linked directly to my macrobiotic lifestyle. And when my health improved, I began to create macrobiotic snacks with natural sweeteners, grains, and fruits grown on my organic farm. Thy were so good I wanted to share them with everyone. So be healthy. Go Macro. And have a snack thats positively delicious!