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Fire & Flavor Grilling Planks, Premium, Cedar

All natural. Center-cut. Western Red Cedar. Certified. HACCP food safety. PEFC Certified. Just add heat. Robust, sweet, smoky flavor. We turn home cooks into household heroes, campfire cooks into adventurous gourmets, food enthusiasts into culinary savants. We meticulously source, taste-test, combine, and curate to help you deliver epicurean awe with ease. Perfect for: fish; chicken; beef; pork; seafood; veggies. Gas or charcoal grills. Perfect for salmon, meats and other seafood. Made from sustainably-harvested wood sources. You got this! Enjoy yourself! We've got the taste part handled. athensmade.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. Call us at 866.728.8332. Fire and Flavor rubs. Try these or one of our other flavors to find the perfect pairing. Please recycle. Materials from Canada. Made in China. Packaged in the USA.