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Edward & Sons Miso-Cup Reduced Sodium Soup

Edward & Sons™ Miso-Cup® Reduced Sodium Soup*. Convenience without compromise®. 79% Organic ingredients. Four single serving envelopes. "The original". Instant! Just add hot water. 65%* Less sodium. Gluten free. Vegan. Delicious soup in seconds! Net Wt. 1 oz 29 g. The Story of Miso-Cup®: Miso (pronounced mee-so) has deliciously nourished the Asian people for thousands of years. Originally reserved exclusively for nobility, miso was later shared more widely, and became a valued staple in kitchens throughout the orients. Recently discovered in the West, Miso soup is now enjoyed worldwide, thanks to its wonderful flavor and unique nutritional profile. To make Reduced Sodium Miso-Cup®, our miso craftsmen age certified organic soybeans and organic rice with a special starter culture. Sea salt is used to regulate this natural aging process. Next, we freeze-dry the fresh unpasteurized miso to retain its maximum benefits. We add select natural ingredients including organic tofu (another great soyfood) to make Reduced Sodium Miso-Cup® complete. Much like yogurt, miso is considered to be a living food. That is why Edward & Sons takes extra care to use costly freeze-drying methods that maintain, as much as possible, the naturally occurring living cultures for which fresh miso is prized. Miso-Cup® is a vegan soyfood, boasting a rich, satisfying flavor that easily replaces meat or poultry as the foundation for soups, stews, or gravies. It is a natural source of isoflavones and contains no cholesterol or trans fat. Like all Edward & Sons products, Miso-Cup® offers discerning consumers true "Convenience Without Compromise!"® Perhaps the first "convenience health food", Miso-Cup® has been nourishing people on the go since 1978, and has become internationally famous as America's leading natural instant soup. A family owned vegetarian company. Certified Organic by QAI. Organic certification and our policy prohibit the use of genetically engineered ingredients. *This soup mix contains 65% less sodium, a reduction of 510 mg of sodium per serving below the 780 mg/serving average of the leading brands of instant Miso Soup. Visit: www.edwardandsons.com. ©2014 Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc.,