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Dove Essential Nutrients Cleansing Pillows, Vanity Case Refill Pack

3.1 x 2.2-inches Pillows. Dual sided cleansing for skin so healthy it glows. Dove Face Essential Nutrients Cleansing Pillows: A whole new way to reveal softer, healthier-looking skin. When activated with warm running water, these unique dual-textured pillows transform into nutrient enriched cleansing cushions. Each pillow produces a rich, thick lather that provides nutrients found naturally in skin. They clean deeply, yet gently giving your skin so healthy it glows. Each Pillow Contains Dove Essential Nutrients Complex: Vitamin A, B5 and E, Zinc, Nutrient Lipids, and Green Tea Extract. Hypo-allergenic. Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Features: Textured side cleans deeply; Smooth side cleans gently; Pillow puffs up when placed under warm water.