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Bobs Red Mill Coconut, Flaked, Unsweetened, Unsulfured

To your good health - Bob Moore. An employee-owned company. You can see our quality! Our unsulfured dried and flaked coconut brings an exotic, tropical taste to your table. This flaked coconut is all coconut - it has no preservatives, making it a wholesomely delicious addition to granolas, cookies, cakes, curries and more! It can be toasted for a nutty, fragrant topping to baked goods and can also be used in place of fresh coconut. Wholesome. Dear Friends, Recently, I announced that I was handing ownership of Bob's Red Mill over to my employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Over the years I have observed the purchase of many companies. More often than not, the dreams and values of the companies' founders are laid to waste in the endless march for money. For me, the decision was easy because I could not stand the thought of our stone-milling tradition, our mission to improve people's health through whole grains, and the love we put into every bag being compromised in any way. I'm still the chief miller of this company and intend to be for the rest of my life - but I'm not a young man. The best way for me to preserve the dream that my wife Charlee and I began realizing over forty years ago is to give my employees the means to stay true to our vision and to directly reap the rewards of their hard work long after I'm gone. The power of ownership is immeasurable and makes for happier employees, better products and satisfied customers. Thanks for choosing our brand and may you all cherish the fact that when you buy a package of it, you're casting a vote for a world where employees and good old-fashioned values come first. To your good health, Bob Moore.