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Mission Fajita Grande Flour Tortillas, 10 Count

Mission Fajita Grande Flour Tortillas aren't just big—they’re Texas size—and this allows you to load them up with any combination of ingredients you can imagine. In addition to their extra-large size, our tortillas have a super-soft texture and authentic, freshly baked flavor that makes them a delicious addition to any type of cuisine. So gather some friends around the table for a heaping helping of fajitas, or serve up something unexpected like cheesesteak quesadillas. Our tortillas are also certified kosher and don't contain any trans fat or cholesterol. Though they're versatile enough for any recipe, we recommend filling our tortillas with fajita-spiced steak and egg for a crowd-pleasing breakfast. Includes one 10-count package of Mission Fajita Grande Flour Tortillas.